wedding details photoshoot (part 3): the dress

The final installment of this little series is all about the dress! This gown was handmade by a dear friend of mine, Hannah Pantano, at Karena Designs!  She is so talented, and it was so fun to see the dress fully realized, after having watched little bits and pieces of it being put together on her Instagram.

The dress is modeled by her sister, Mikki.  Absolutely love the details they added – the pretty blue shoes from TOMs, the pretty head piece, and the gorgeous wedding ring!

Wedding Photoshoot-25Wedding Photoshoot-27Wedding Photoshoot-30Wedding Photoshoot-91Wedding Photoshoot-94Wedding Photoshoot-96Wedding Photoshoot-99Wedding Photoshoot-104Wedding Photoshoot-108Wedding Photoshoot-110Wedding Photoshoot-111Wedding Photoshoot-113Wedding Photoshoot-115Wedding Photoshoot-118Wedding Photoshoot-121Wedding Photoshoot-124Wedding Photoshoot-127

For more beautiful, handmade clothing, check out Hannah’s Etsy! She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

This project has been so much fun to work on! So cool to see so many creative people using their gifts and going after what they love to do.  It was an honor to be the one capturing their designs and hard work – looking forward to seeing all the things they go on to do!

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