wedding details photoshoot (part 2): the treats

Had a wonderful opportunity to work with three wonderful ladies in showcasing their creative work in the wedding industry.  First, I got to photograph (and taste test!) these BEAUTIFUL cupcakes by Leanne Harris ( Leanne creates custom cupcakes for weddings and is based in Minnesota! I can vouch for their tastiness, and hopefully this images can do them even a little bit of justice!

Wedding Photoshoot-4Wedding Photoshoot-5Wedding Photoshoot-6Wedding Photoshoot-7Wedding Photoshoot-9Wedding Photoshoot-46Wedding Photoshoot-47Wedding Photoshoot-48Wedding Photoshoot-49Wedding Photoshoot-51Wedding Photoshoot-52Wedding Photoshoot-53Wedding Photoshoot-54Wedding Photoshoot-56Wedding Photoshoot-57Wedding Photoshoot-61Wedding Photoshoot-64Wedding Photoshoot-69Wedding Photoshoot-82Wedding Photoshoot-83Wedding Photoshoot-86Wedding Photoshoot-88

Are you drooling yet?  They were so very delicious – and so very cute!  Check out Two Am Baker on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Part One: The Words

Next Week – Part 3: The Dress

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