wedding details photoshoot (part 1): the words

Welcome to this 3-part series from a wedding inspiration shoot I did with some talented ladies a month or so ago!

This was a great opportunity to stretch some of my photography muscles, as well as practicing with the editing part of the process.  This is my first time using Lightroom, so the pictures in the following three posts are quite a labor of love!

First, we are going to showcase the BEAUTIFUL stationary talents of Darcy Khan of Bloom Stationery Co!  These lovely samples for our 1920s themed shoot were so much fun to photograph, alone and as a part of the entire scene we were setting.  Can’t wait for you to check them out!

Wedding Photoshoot-3Wedding Photoshoot-15Wedding Photoshoot-31Wedding Photoshoot-33Wedding Photoshoot-34Wedding Photoshoot-38Wedding Photoshoot-40Wedding Photoshoot-43Wedding Photoshoot-44Wedding Photoshoot-45Wedding Photoshoot-58Wedding Photoshoot-59Wedding Photoshoot-71Wedding Photoshoot-74Wedding Photoshoot-75Wedding Photoshoot-80Wedding Photoshoot-89

Just gorgeous! Gotta love all these details – can’t wait to share more of this fun shoot with you!  If you want to check out Bloom Stationery Co. in the meantime, check out their Etsy shop, Instagram, and Facebook!

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