Grand Marais (part three)

Only some of the pictures in this post are actually from Grand Marais (Artist’s Point hike, for the win!).  The rest are from a stop to Gooseberry Falls on the way back home.

Whenever we go to Grand Marais, we make sure to walk to Artist’s Point and the lighthouse.  This day was very bright and sunny (we got a late start that morning, after having breakfast/brunch at the South of the Border Cafe), so editing these photos was a bit of a challenge – only a few turned out okay.

Still learning (mainly through doing) about lighting and how to work with it in the moment of shooting, and in editing later.


On the way home, we stopped at Gooseberry Falls, yet again introducing a new place to our travel companions.


Loving the two shots of my husband here towards the end – the lighting really worked in my favor for these.

Gooseberry Falls is a very dramatic and lovely place to explore – we did not have much time to enjoy it, but so glad we got to stop.  All in all, a wonderful trip that was so filling and refreshing! 10 out of 10, would do again (and we definitely will)!


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